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But we do not always have the resources to collect, store and love the books we want in our library.  Genealogy History Books allows you to download those books and store them on your computer in a format that is fully searchable and easily found.  Our books were previously loved and used, so will not be in perfect condition. Many are difficult to find in hard copy, and can be expensive.

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This book from Germany is not yet in our collection. If there is a particular book that you would like to add to your digital library, please let us know and we will root around to try to find a copy for you.  Meanwhile, we recommend Family Tree Magazine as a source of information for German genealogists.

heraldry providing genealogy clues?


Searching the world of genealogy and family history unearths some wonderful books, some long forgotten, which contain maybe only a snippet of information that just might fill that gap in our knowledge of our ancestors. Sadly, modern use of family crests breaks the ties that once linked generations.  Blame lies firmly with those companies that market 'coats of arms' as representing all in that family name, when reality is that different branches used different elements to differentiate them from one another.

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We have available for free download several planning aids, charts and templates, all designed to help the family historian with their research.